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presents "DUMBO" a Film by Gustavo von Ha

Starring Amanda Lepore as a femme fatale murder boss and her corrorts Joshua [Leonardo Medeiros] and Vicky [Heather Litteer], the Film follows three stories bookended by a prologue and epilogue.
In the first story, a mobster [Leonardo Medeiros] is charged to kill her partner after a transaction but something gone wrong. In the second, a washed-up hooker [Heather Litteer] tries to trick the Mob by failing to get all the job done.
And in the third, three hitmen and a girl [Gabriel Lester, Denis Mattos, Isabella Prata and Maria Montera] carry out a job, only to call on the services of a 'cleaner' [Heather Litteer] when it gets messier than planned.
It's the way Von Ha embellishes and, finally, interlinks these old chestnuts that makes the film alternately exhilarating and frustrating. There's plenty of sharp, sassy, profane dialogue, and there are plenty of acute, funny references to pop culture, though the talk sometimes delays the action, and the references sometimes seem self-consciously arch.
And there are, too, the sudden lurches between humour and violence - shocking, but without moral depth. Very entertaining, none the less.

HFE ₢copyleft [CC]
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