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DREAMWAVES [Dream Antennas]                                                                                    MAC USP December 2013 to February 2014

a film by Gustavo Von Ha

Color, Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound



The film proposes an investigation into the limits between reality and fiction. Based on interviews with people affected by a massive propaganda system, which uses a set of radio antennas that propagate waves capable of invading and contaminating dreams, the viewer comes into contact with stories, in a tone of déjà vu, that they call into question reality, or what we believed to be reality.

Throughout the film, testimonies about the manipulations that waves cause in dreams, and the juxtaposition of landscapes, images of the Earth seen from space and scenes that evoke advertising, place the viewer in a situation of doubt, because at the same time in Although the reports present themselves as familiar and feasible situations, they provoke in the viewer a feeling of doubt and strangeness.​

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