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from April to July 2014

An exhibition by Gustavo von Ha



With projection of trailers for films that don't exist, the show proposes reflection on the limits between reality and fiction

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) opens on April 17th (Thursday), at 7 pm, “Heist Films Entertainment”, an exhibition by artist Gustavo von Ha. The exhibition is curated by Tomás Toledo and entry to the opening is free.



Presenting the creative universe of a fictional film production company that aims to create and virally distribute trailers and posters for films that will never exist, the exhibition offers the public reflection on the limits between reality and fiction. The trailers appropriate the clichés of Hollywood productions - from the themes, photography and scenery to stars like Alessandra Negrini - to forge their real appearance and induce the viewer to complete the films' plot, which is only hinted at, using their own references from the cinematographic world and mass culture.


For the exhibition, trailers for four films will be projected in a room, along with props – displayed inside showcases –, stills from the films and documents resulting from the production process. The proposal to present objects and images together with videos problematizes the issue of fetishes and actresses, disseminated by cinema.

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