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Vivian & Gustavo

Set of videos, sound and color

Work commissioned by Yerevan Biennial + Dystopie Sound Art Festival, Errant Sound e.V.

Vivian & Gustavo

Over the past 25 years, country artists, producers and investors have established a multi-billion dollar music industry that has been hailed as the most popular and profitable in Brazil today. This is a romantic genre also described as "suffering": usually sung in duos, the artists cry over a broken heart or the longing for their first home in a mythical time and space. When they are not feeling the pain of loss, the songs praise "manguaça" (drinking alcohol with the intention of becoming extremely drunk) as a way of escaping heartache, humiliation and also as an expression of freedom and autonomy. Country music is bigger than any other genre in terms of capillarity, profitability and also political power.

Vivian Caccuri and Gustavo imitate the "duo" format that is the common pattern in country music, to remix images and songs emphasizing the fictional aspects of this "lifestyle", its characters, myths, aspirations and national ideals.

vivian e gustavo.png
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