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HFE presents a Feature-Length Movie by Gustavo von Ha, the author of TokyoShow. The author blends the emotional netherworld of film noir with a decadent portrayal of life among the crime and love in West Hollywood in this surprisingly thriller. 


Mia Wallace (Gisele Zelauy) is a beautiful but mysterious woman who has aligned herself with infomation thieves, led by a man known as Travis Bickle (Ivan Arcuschin), who has planned an evil score against gangster Jules Winnfield (Denis de Souza).

Amanda Teller [Isabella Prata]  tries to make off with the loot without giving her partners their cut, and must go into hiding herself in order to avoid the wrath of Mia Wallace and her cohorts Norman Killer (Gregory Goldlust) and Keith Strings (Michael Orcutt) but she is discovered as a betrayer before getting out the hotel.


Eventually betrayed, Mia’s world of lust and greed comes crashing down around her. Fate allows Jules to make his way back to Vegas where he tries to get free but some of Travis’ gangsters find him there. Norman Killer realizes Travis Bickle ran away alone with the whole thing -- and put the bloodthirsty Mia Wallace back on her trail in a world where Money rules.



© Heist Films Entertainment

GASOLINE by Gustavo von Ha

Screenwriter:  Chris Lee

Genre:  Police

5.1 Dolby Surround

NTSC / color

105min 07sec


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