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Heist Films Entertainment presents "PARANORMAL"

a feature-length movie by Gustavo von Ha.

Rebecca James [Lara Gerin], a student who claims that a ghostly entity has haunted her since her youth, suggests the devil has followed her through all these past years.

A Priest [Clovys Torres] manages to document several phenomena such as lights and televisions switching on and off, and sounds ranging from voices and growls to footsteps and loud thuds. The strange occurrences in the middle of the night soon involve Rebecca awakening to spend several hours at the computer staring at her place, and going outside to walk on the park. She ultimately does not remember her behavior the following day in her way back to the house.

While the three [the priest, her friend and Rebecca] are in the house for the exorcism, a wind blows through the living room and the cross moves on its own before a small fire erupts and extinguishes on the cross. That night, Rebecca is forcibly dragged on the bed possessed by an invisible force. Hearing her screams, the priest gives chase and wrestles her away initiating the exorcism, and Rebecca emerges from the struggle with a gruesome dark mark on her face. 

Her face demonically contorted and her clothing covered in body fluids looks at the priest before lunging toward it as the screen cuts to black after the door closes. A suddenly calm Rebecca insists to beg help to the priest following a smile from her at them indicating a demonic presence in her. 

An ending title card states that priest's body was discovered days later by the police, and Rebecca's whereabouts remains unknown.



© Heist Films Entertainment

PARANORMAL by Gustavo von Ha

5.1 Dolby Surround

NTSC / color

4min 37sec

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