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The Heist Films Entertainment Project consists of the invention of a fictitious company to create trailers for films that do not exist, with the aim of discussing limits between reality and fiction, image production mechanisms, cultural industry, instant celebrity and intellectual property.


Trailers are shown on the internet and in movie theaters, accompanied by all the promotional devices used by the film industry such as posters, DVDs, banners and media advertising. This project is related to the phenomenon of internet virals. For Gustavo, it is important to redefine the artist's role in the new context of digital media and narratives. 


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presents "DUMBO", a film by Gustavo von Ha

Starring Amanda Lepore as a femme fatale assassin boss and her cronies Joshua [Leonardo Medeiros] and Vicky [Heather Litteer], the film follows three stories concluded by a prologue and epilogue.


In the first story, a mobster [Leonardo Medeiros] is accused of killing his partner after a transaction, but something went wrong. In the second, prostitute Vicky [Heather Litteer] tries to trick the gangster for not being able to do all the work.


And, in the third, three gunmen [Gabriel Lester, Denis Mattos, Isabella Prata]  perform dirty work, and chase a girl [Maria Montera] just to call the services "cleaner work", when Vicky [Heather Litteer] becomes more confused than planned.


It's the way Von Ha embellishes and ultimately intertwines these old clichés that makes the film alternately exciting and frustrating. There is plenty of form, petulance, profane dialogue, and funny references to pop culture, although the conversation sometimes delays the action, and the references sometimes seem self-consciously the characters' arc.


And there are also the sudden shifts between humor and violence - shocking, but without moral depth. Lots of fun, nonetheless.



- The Hollywood Newsweek

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